Glass House Retreat – A Luxury Wellness Retreat – Review

Let the stresses of everyday life melt away as you step into ultimate relaxation at Glass House Retreat, a detox and wellness spa retreat based in the the Essex countryside. Situated in Thurrock, the retreat offers a vegan, raw food-based meal plan, and a variety of fitness classes and activities to help your mind and body reset, recharge and feel rejuvenated. Accessible from London,  it’s a tube ride to Upminster and then a taxi ride to the retreat. 

Glass House Retreat offers, a Himalayan salt sauna, indoor swimming pool, gym, cryo chamber and a range of spa treatments to accommodate all wishes and desires. Step into the outdoor grounds and you will find a swimming pond for a cold water dip, an outdoor sauna, wellness dome, and sun loungers are available if you fancy relaxing with a book in the sunshine.

You can book in with a day pass, an over night stay or a full five night wellness break, perfect to fully embrace a detox for the mind and body. 


The Rooms

The rooms are very spacious, with grey decor and touches of white and blue, the simple, no-fuss design provides a tranquil space to relax. With two luxurious king size beds in the rooms, you can share a room with friends without having to decide who takes the left side and who takes the right. The beds are comfy and you will have no trouble nodding off at night. White fluffy robes and slippers are provided for you to get into your optimum comfort zone around the hotel, helping you to transform into a more relaxed state of mind.



The Glass House has 12 treatment rooms, offering facials, massages, cleansing scrubs, nourishing wraps and more. Rather have a little you time? Enter the salt block sauna, cryo chamber, steam room and for a leisurely dip, head to the indoor heated pool. 

Earlier this year Glass House Retreat selected IMAGE Skincare as its core brand partner, I was booked in for an IMAGE Skincare facial. First, I got my skin analysed to find out the current condition of my skin, to allow my therapist to best tailor my facial. The results showed my skin is dehydrated (sadly not the first time I’ve been told that) and was in need of brightening and a lot of hydration. 

Shortly after my skin care analysis I was taken to the treatment room where my warm and friendly therapist worked her magic. Firstly, my face was fully cleansed and a brightening mask was applied. Whilst the mask did its work, I received an incredibly relaxing head and neck massage, releasing the tension and knots that had built up over the week. Following the mask, a serum and an SPF moisturiser was applied. My skin was glowing, visibly hydrated and more plumped, needless to say I was over the moon.

After the treatment you are advised not to jump into the pool or have a sauna, so I’d highly recommend you book a facial later on in the day, so you can enjoy the full range of what The Glass House has to offer. Cryotherapy has become popular with celebs, athletes and influencers, you can enter the cryo chamber where plummeting temperatures can help reduce muscular pain, nerve irritation and supercharge your body. 


Activities and Classes 

Mornings will generally start off with a a crisp country walk, filling your lungs with fresh air while you sip on your hot water and lemon to kickstart the metabolism. Throughout the day you will find fitness classes and wellness sessions to join, head to the dome for a meditation or sound bath session to reset.

This is a place where you can easily get involved in the activities on offer or hang back and enjoy the calm and tranquility of not doing anything apart from indulging in treatments, tucking into healthy food, or sinking into one of the comfy velvet sofas in the lounge area with a herbal tea to have a natter with your friend or partner.


The Food 

The cleansing menu consists of healthy vegan food packed with vitamins and minerals along with herbal teas and smoothies, providing a total detox break, Guests choose their vibrant, plant-based meal plans beforehand from options such as the equilibrium diet, weight-loss, or pure juice. Look out for the crystal infused water in the dining area and the herbal teas, they are a real treat. 

In the dining room you will most likely see people in loungewear or wrapped up in their fluffy white robe, I highly encourage you to do the same, this place is all about comfort and relaxation. 


Glass House Retreat is a must-try for anyone wanting to reset, recharge and get away from the hustle of everyday life. It’s a place that lets guests take it at their own pace, whilst indulging in healthy and vibrant food. It’s the perfect haven for those looking to take care of their physical and mental health.

Address: Glass House Retreat, Harrow Road, Bulphan, Essex, RM14 3BP

For more information and to book visit:

Written by Nyla S. 

Photography courtesy of The Glass House Retreat and Image Skincare