Exciting new canned cocktails from Whitebox

Brand-new canned cocktail company, Whitebox, is creating quite the stir, having recently launched in September, providing us with eight new and exciting ‘better canned cocktails’.

The success of The ‘Pocket Negroni’ (a 100ml Negroni in a can) lead to the creation of a new range of drinks. You’ll see some innovative creations and twists on classic cocktails as well as collaborations with some of the most renowned cocktail bars from around the world.

The extended cocktails range has been created with a bespoke production process in mind and a unique approach to ingredients to bring truly exceptional cocktails to the British public. Whitebox has tried to avoid a ‘rinse and repeat’ approach of canning the cocktails and have approached each cocktail as if it were a blank can-vas.

The new selection boasts several classics including a Chippers Cherry Wood Old Fashioned and Freezer Martini! Whitebox also offers a selection of long serves – these convenience cocktails prioritise quality, and there’s something for everyone, so let’s crack open a can!

Available to buy on the Whitebox website:

Written by Lenny Wright

Photography courtesy of Whitebox