Crosstown introduces three new doughnuts for Veganuary 2024

Don’t succumb to the dark and cold days of January with thoughts of unachievable resolutions running through your head… instead, brighten up your January by indulging in the three new doughnuts from Crosstown, brought out for Veganuary 2024!

The new flavours include Pistachio & Rose, Coffee, Cardamom & Coconut and Matcha & Rhubarb. Vegan sourdough, punchy flavours and delicate toppings… these sweet treats are guaranteed to please both vegans and meat eaters.

Pistachio & Rose Doughnut – Delicate rose icing covers the signature vegan sourdough, filled with pistachio and rose custard, topped with crunchy pistachio crumble.

Coffee, Cardamom & Coconut Doughnut – The cocoa dough is bursting with an indulgent coffee and cardamom custard, dipped in coconut glaze, and coated in coconut angel flakes.

Matcha & Rhubarb Dough Bite – Tangy rhubarb and sweet strawberry compote fills the vegan sourdough base, topped with a matcha and green tea glaze, and covered with a sprinkling of strawberry crumble.

Boxes will be available in-store and for next-day delivery, starting from £29.25

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