DAROCO Soho – Review

DAROCO Soho is a must-visit that promises to transport you to the grandeur of an Italian and Parisian feast. Despite the construction hurdles in the surrounding area, the journey to this well-known Parisian-inspired restaurant is unequivocally worth it. Upon entering DAROCO Soho, you are immediately struck by the Renaissance-inspired ambiance. Soft lighting emanates from crystal chandeliers, casting a warm glow that dances against a majestic ceiling mirror, creating a visual spectacle that sets the tone for an opulent dining experience. The interior design is a celebration of all things luxurious, with marble tabletops, brass fixtures, plush velvet seating, and an abundance of greenery.

The menu at DAROCO showcases a repertoire of Fresh Italian favourites, reminiscent of dishes and ingredients fit for a grandiose ball. During our visit, we indulged in a variety of offerings from different courses, starting with the Apertivi and Antipasti selection, we chose the Arancini, featuring braised leek, Scamorza cheese, spicy peppers, and pecorino, along with the Burrata Pomodoro, a perfect harmony of creamy Burrata and fresh tomatoes with a touch of basil.



Moving on to the La Pasta course, we ventured into a realm of exquisite pasta creations. The Mezze Maniche ‘Nduja boasted a spicy kick from ‘Nduja, with the richness of ricotta and basil. The Ravioli al Fagiano, filled with braised pheasant and served with a butter and rosemary sauce, showcased the chef’s mastery in combining diverse flavours. To round off the pasta experience, we savoured the Guancia di Manzo Brasato, featuring beef cheeks braised in red wine, served with polenta tarragna and gremolata.



Of course, no visit to an Italian eatery ends without trying their homemade Tiramisu which we shared between 2, it was a perfect ending to a great meal. Each dish at DAROCO Soho is a testament to culinary artistry, with flavours that mirror the opulence of the surroundings. The attentive service and the regal ambiance make DAROCO Soho a standout destination for those seeking a taste of Italy and a Parisian setting, in the heart of London. This gastronomic journey is a true feast of flavours whilst escaping into a world of Renaissance-inspired indulgence.

Address: Manette St, London, W1D 4AL


Written by Lorna Bryne

Photos courtesy of DAROCO Soho