Sensational Night at Bernie Dieter’s Club Kabarett – Underbelly Boulevard – Review

I had the extraordinary privilege of attending the press night for the inaugural show at Underbelly Boulevard, and what a night it was! The critically acclaimed and world-renowned “BERNIE DIETER’S CLUB KABARETT” proved to be a mesmerising experience from start to finish securing its place as a must-see performance this season.

As we took our seats, it was evident that this was no ordinary cabaret; it was a sensual journey through a realm of debauched wit, graceful sensuality, and captivating inclusivity. The intimate venue is formed by seats circling the central stage, giving a perfect birds eye view of the show. Performers strutted around in flamboyant costumes and ridiculously high sparkly heels whilst cheekily entertaining the audience prior to the show commencing.

Bernie Dieter herself, an enigmatic cross between Lady Gaga and Marlene Dietrich opens the show in a sea of red mist, belting out songs with her throaty German-accented voice. Her captivating presence guided the audience through the evening with a riotous mix of risqué humour, sultry songs, and razor-sharp banter. She proclaims that “difference is something to be celebrated,” setting the tone for the diverse cast of non-conforming talent that follows.



The band, a group of immensely talented musicians was the perfect backdrop to the performers who deliver a breathtaking array of meticulously choreographed routines that are as visually exquisite as they are jaw-dropping. The pole-dancing routine was fascinating, with legs that seemed impossibly flexible, defying gender norms and pushing the boundaries of physicality. The aerial acrobatics were nothing short of breathtaking, with the duo bringing the audience to the edge of their seats with their daring aerial acrobats completely in synergy.

All of the performers showcased a level of skill and dedication that is truly world-class, their passion and commitment to their craft were undeniable, and it was evident that they were living their art, not just performing it.

Bernie Dieter’s Club Kabarett is a riotous evening that unapologetically pushes the boundaries of physicality and embraces non-conformity. A combination of danger, sauciness and humour which can startle and provoke. Bernie Dieter herself is a consummate professional who fearlessly commands the stage, making this a genuine and unforgettable experience. If you have the opportunity to attend this limited show, do not miss it. It’s a night that will leave you spellbound, entertained, and wishing for more.

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Written by Lorna Byrne
Photography by Craig Sugden