Karapincha – Review

We indulged in the Kothu Roti, a best-seller- Roti stir-fry with chopped roti, vegetables and flavoured with the curry of your choice. We opted for the chicken. We also enjoyed the devilled chicken and rice – fried chicken in a blend of sweet, sour and spicy sauce served with Sri Lankan fried rice. This was my favourite. Packed full of flavour and the added pineapple really helped to balance out the overall dish. 

Famous for their small bites, we tried the chicken samosa, which was delightful. The lamb spicy rolls were made from bread crumbs and curried lamb, dipped into their homemade mayonnaise, this was a definite winner.

Confirming with the team, the masala chai is a must when having small bites. This is how they are traditionally eaten. It really was a nice combination. With plenty of plant-based, vegetarian, and halal options, there’s something to please every palate.

Address: Unit 14, Canary Wharf Station, London E14 4HJ

Karapincha, Canary Wharf 

Written by Faiza Arbouche

Photo courtesy of Karapincha