Japes in Soho – Review  

If you crave an American-style pizza, or if you’ve never tried Deep Pan pizza go book your spot at Japes at either their Soho or Greenwich branch. We visited on a Thursday evening and the place was buzzing, full with a queue out of the door. The staff are super friendly and helpful with lots of recommendations and the space is warm buzzing and bright with neon yellow lights and staff in hilarious pizza quote t-shirts. We need one!

The menu is extensive, with lots of classic combos and new ones, Japes style. You can opt for a London style, Deep Pan or Parmesan Crust and you can add any topping you desire. We started with Padron Peppers, they serve a  really generous portion, which is a nice surprise. As the pizza arrived, our jaws dropped at the size of the pizzas. Our waiter had likened the house style to a Yorkshire pudding.



We opted for the Piccante with a golden parmesan crust and a London-style Hawaiian, both were served on mini pizza pan-style boards with a Garlic and a Tomato Dip for those deliciously doughy crusts. To go with our meal we opted for a mocktail and a cocktail – a passionfruit mojito and a rum Cuba libra. The pizzas are not small we will warn you! The London style was my favourite, not quite as doughy as the Piccante with plenty of delicious ham and pineapple – and of course cheese!

We will definitely be back to try more flavours. Get down there pronto!
You can find Japes is at Greenwich and Soho, for more information visit

Written by Claire Selby

Photos courtesy of Japes