Vegan dishes at Wagamama – Review

If you’ve visited Wagamama recently you will be wowed by the number of Vegan dishes on offer, the menu is 50% plant-based, which shows the demand for plant based food has increased in demand over the years and we are here for it! Who doesn’t want healthy and nutritious meals that taste delicious!

We visited Wagamama last week to try out their vegan dishes including the kare lomen, a limited edition dish for Veganuary. Launched alongside the new charity partnership with The Bread and Butter Thing which supports thousands of families in over eighty locations.

The vegan ‘chicken’ kare lomen is udon noodles served in a nourishing bowl of coconut broth with a chilli kick, and topped with vegan teriyaki ‘chicken’, coriander, beansprouts and cucumber. Teriyaki mixed with a coconut broth is an unusual combination, some may say daring, but the sweetness of the teriyaki and the citrus coconut broth creates an explosive veganuary dish.



We also tried the Sticky vegan ‘ribs’ made from mushroom, seitan and soya protein. I must say I was apprehensive at first, as I’m a big fan of ribs, but this dish blew me away! A real favourite of mine now! Sticky, smoky, sweet, and quite meaty for a vegan dish, it was very moreish and is an absolute must-try! Next up The Bang bang cauliflower, crispy wok-fried cauliflower, coated in firecracker sauce with red and spring onion, and garnished with fresh ginger and coriander. This flavoursome dish is tangy with a spicy kick, giving you a bang for your buck.

We also tried the sticky miso corn, which is new to the menu, corn on the cob roundels with a sticky miso sauce, red chilli and sesame seeds. The sticky miso corn offers an umami flavour, giving it a nice depth of flavour, another very moreish dish. I’d suggest you come to Wagamama hungry, there are so many vegan dishes you are going to want to tuck into! You won’t miss meat at all, the vegan dishes are very flavoursome, healthy and delicious. Sadly we were too full to try the vegan desserts, but there is always next time…

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Written by Nyla S.