Ukrainian-born founder of Duck & Dry – Yulia Rorstrom – presents Authentic_UA

London based hair salon franchise Duck & Dry is hosting a unique showcase of Ukrainian designers and their work across fashion, accessories and home décor from November 8th – December 4th.

Taking place at the Duck & Dry Mayfair and Chelsea location, the exhibition aims to stand in solidarity with Ukraine, as well as showcase the Ukrainian fashion industries continued efforts to be at the forefront of the fight for Ukrainian identity.

Curated by Duck & Dry founder, Ukrainian-born Yulia Rorstrom, in partnership with Ukrainian fashion stylist Eka Kapanadze, the exhibition is called Authentic_UA and will showcase over 20 Ukrainian brands. These include Alterd, Selera, KARUNAS, Embroidered Gem, LUVI, Annabo, Wonder Wool, Moofta, Barlizeva, Gasanova, Yanis Stepanenko, Seven Eleven, Iva Jewlery and Vikele Studio.

The goal is to provide a vital focal point for the celebration and exposure of Ukrainian fashion in London, providing a way for people in London to directly support brands financially through their purchases over the four-week period and to help sustain an industry facing a turbulent future. Authentic UA will also donate 30% – 50% from every sale (brand dependent) to a charity set up by Yulia to support Ukrainians during the war.

‘Rebuild Ukraine Together’ works with volunteers on the ground to directly procure and distribute critical supplies.
“Fashion, along with film and music, has been at the forefront of helping to shape a powerful Ukrainian identity,” says Yulia. “The Ukrainian creative community, both in Ukraine and abroad, is united in spirit, courage and bravery – showing relentless ingenuity by designing new collections in the most difficult of circumstances.”

Address: Duck & Dry Mayfair, 33 North Audley Street, London, W1K 6ZQ

Written by Lupe Caastro

Photography courtesy of La Musa