Our Advent Calendar round-up – 2022

Worth an estimated +£400 billion, the advent calendar market has exploded recently – not to an uptick in church visits, but rather luxury calendars, calendars for pets and, well, anyone – and anything – you can think of. Whether you’re single, married with twenty kids or in a couple, November has become the month when you decide what daily treat you will give yourself in December. Here’s the best of what’s out there. Some obvious, some not so obvious; all stunning and worth your hard-earned money. We’ve even added the ones you need to really save up for. Happy (almost) holidays.


Rituals advent calendar

Rituals have created three tree-shaped advent calendars featuring home scents, body wash and 22 other luxury products. A favourite for mums everywhere, but also the houseproud and beauty-obsessed amongst us. Prices start at £74.40.

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The Urban Botanist advent calendar

We couldn’t resist this adorable plant advent calendar from The Urban Botanist. 12 live plants, candles, decorations, soaps and botanical baubles. What more do you need? A leafy bit pricey at £224, but those thumbs don’t stay green on their own.

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BeautyPro’s Chrismask advent calendar

A face mask for every day before Xmas? Sold. BeautyPro’s Chrismask (!) calendar will have you looking your best whether you’re hitting the town, bottle (!) or several Xmas parties! £39.

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Matcha advent calendar

The Matcha calendar is perfect for those who already love matcha or those who want to try it thanks to the 24x 5g tins of pure grade matcha! That’s enough for 48 cups in total. You’ll be ready for anything December throws at you with that amount of energy. £52.

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Beer52 advent calendar

The usual beer calendars are out there, but why not try something a bit classier like Beer52’s take? Brewed just in time, the 24 unique craft beers sport 18 different styles and herald from 17 countries. You get a tasting glass and there are chances to win more prizes too via a cool scratchcard. A refreshing December awaits for just £64.99.

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Joe and Seph’s Popcorn advent calendar

Need something a little softer? What about 24 flavours of popcorn in Joe and Seph’s Popcorn advent calendar? Who knew you needed to know what brandy butter popcorn tasted like?

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Adults only!


LoveHoney has created a 12-toy calendar for the special person in your life to enjoy with or without you! Lots of other options too. Worth over £160, only £95.

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Copper pipe advent calendar

Perfect for minimalists and folks who want a more sustainable take; this reusable copper pipe advent calendar hangs easily from anywhere. Best of all you can make it unique to your home, family or loved one every year. Price £50.

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Scratch-and-play advent calendar

Perfect for couples, here’s a scratch-and-play advent calendar for the bedroom. £5.50 (50% off at time of writing).

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Bonne Maman jam advent calendar

Bonne Maman has created the perfect jam calendar with something for everyone. Try one a day or save them up for a feast on Christmas morning. You have 23 mini jams and 2 gifts awaiting you! £24.

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Harry Potter advent calendar

Harry Potters fans worldwide are hugging a very cryptic black cube this year. The Harry Potter calendar is a 3D experience that is part mystery and part story that contains 24 surprises including socks to wands! £40.

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Craftvent Calendar

The Make Arcade has created a superb calendar that will not just keep you calm but can also last a lifetime. Featuring 24 individually boxed felt kits, you’ll have a full tree for Xmas day and memories for life. Price: £70.

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The frankly so absurdly priced advent calendars we had to mention:

The Wedgewood calendar features 24 ornaments. £797 –

The Christain Laboutine calendar will net you a  24-Piece Makeup & Fragrance set by December 25th. £495 –

Liberty’s calendar contains 30 products from serums to masks to have you looking fresh for Santa. Worth over £1000 for £240 –

Diptyque’s calendar grows in the dark, is all about celestial constellations, features three limited-edition scents and will drain you of £370 –

Carolina Bucci has created an 18-karat gold charm bracelet featuring hand-carved unique gemstones that completes on Christmas day for less than a month’s rent in London. Bargain. £1100 /

Written by Paul Armstrong