Interview with Sam Watson – Founder of Dr Watson

This week we caught up with Sam Watson, Founder of premium CBD and Wellness Brand, Dr Watson

Can you tell us a little about Dr Watson and how it stands apart from other CBD brands?

What makes the Dr Watson brand unique is that it embodies what the founding company, Breathe Life Sciences, does – the expertise, the knowledge, the know-how. We’re not just a CBD company, we’re all about plant based medicine as a whole, combining various different
plant derived active ingredients to work synergistically to improve health and wellbeing.

Whether you’re an athlete, a young entrepreneur, or a busy mother of four, Dr Watson can provide a natural solution to activate the parts of you that help you achieve more.

Where did the idea behind Dr Watson come from??

Ultimately, we decided to get into the cannabis space as we knew it was the future of pharmacy. With decades of prohibition against these plant based compounds beginning to unravel, and new research shedding light on the potential benefits of these compounds, a pharmaceutical revolution has begun and our goal is to be a part of it.

Regarding the name Dr Watson, it was actually my mum who came up with the idea to call our brand Dr Watson – naming it my uncle Dr Richard Watson PhD, a biotechnologist and researcher. With his scientific background and expertise, we thought why not do it together – so we named it after him but also after me and my family, so there is a lot of personality in the brand.


What are your bestsellers?

Our signature high strength CBD Oils, Goodnight+ and Relief+, have both been a huge success since launching them two years ago. We find oils are consistently popular with consumers and we offer an array – each with a different purpose, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

We have also just recently launched a new range of Mushroom Complex & Multivitamin supplements – our first major step outside CBD and cannabinoid based wellness products but very much part of what we see as another future of medicine.

Are there any new products you are currently working on?

In the UK, we are about to launch our CBD Sport Relief Patches which are designed to support sore muscles and tendons, helping with recovery after workouts and sports.

We are also about to release our CBD Intimacy Oil which has been scientifically formulated to support sexual wellness and satisfaction for both men and women.

Best piece of advice you have been given?

It may sound fairly obvious – but the best piece of advice I’ve been given is be good to people. Whether it’s your business partner, employees or customers – building good relationships with the people around you. Ultimately that’s what a company is really – a group of people coming together for the same cause and common goal.

What would your ideal day in London be like?

If it’s a nice day out I would probably head over to Hampstead Heath for a bit of exercise or jump in the lake for a freezing cold sunrise swim! I play a lot of paddle tennis, so I’d probably look for an afternoon game at Queens.

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Photography courtesy of Doctor Watson