The Spirit of George gin gets a special edition in partnership with Fortnum and Mason

In a small Cheshire Village, stories are still told about the local adventurer who left to scale Everest in the 1920s. George Mallory wasn’t to be found until 75 years later yet there is strong evidence that he and his climbing companion Andrew Irvine did reach the top. To honour the intrepid climber, Big Hill Distillery founders and locals Ben Kaberry and David Clayton crafted an incredible gin that would have links to the incredible story. The founders worked with fairtrade farmers in Nepal to source special ingredients from the Himalayas, giving the gin unique Nepalese botanicals.

The Spirit of St George is Fortnum and Mason’s ‘Spirit of the Month’ for April, which is fitting as it was the last store George Mallory visited before his Everest trip to buy provisions. To celebrate this incredible backstory, Fortnum and Mason have produced a special edition bottle, incorporating elements of the story. You will spot a climber positioned at the third step of Everest’s “3 steps” which can be found at the final ascent, and is also where George was last seen alive.

The super-smooth hand-crafted gin has a unique flavour profile. Soft, dusky spice on the nose with a little citrus orange and earthy sweetness makes way for notes of cardamom, cumin, and ginger to follow, later developing into sweeter notes of cassia and cinnamon that continue onto the finish. A subtle Himalayan tea component provides an extra dimension and contributes to the overall smoothness of the gin. The special edition also incorporates Fortnum’s own chocolate for a luxurious finish.

Now is the time to get down to Fortum and Masons to pick up this delightful special edition bottle or you can purchase online here.

Written by Rick Hartley

Photography courtesy of The Spirit of St George and Fortnum and Mason