Canary Wharfians have a new floating hotspot, The Lowback from Hawksmoor

Nestled underneath Wood Wharf, The Lowback is set on top of a floating pavilion just behind Canary Wharf Station. Hawksmoor’s biggest bar yet is named after the small vehicle that helped launch and guide small boats. It features a nine-meter-long bar, deep green marble floors and a stunning timber surround, The Lowback is both glamorous and irreverent. Best of all? Cocktail hour is now cocktail hours! From 4pm to 7pm, expect new cocktails, new spirits and limited-edition tastings. Get on the mailing list… 

The food remains top-notch as you would expect from these meat experts. Featuring the same grass-fed dry-aged, and grilled over charcoal meets triple-cooked chips, but there are new twists including bone marrow oysters, salt-beef nuggets. Meat-junkies will be pleased to hear that the iconic ‘Big Matt’ burger is making a permanent return. 



The Lowback isn’t just belt-busting meat, there are plenty of options for all tastes and the drinks are superb. The signature cocktail is ‘The Lowback’ which consists of Plymouth gin, coconut and Yuzu served with a specially treated lime leaf on the side. Make sure you check out the sub-zero martinis and the new soft pink Bellini Moscato (peach, Campari, Moscato) alongside Anis-Cassis made with pastis (produced in Bristol) too. 

Expect more to come from The Lowback too, the outdoor area is being specially designed for maximising summer nights, perfect for cheeky tipples, parties and events. The Lowback is going to be a fast hotspot to relax and be seen at.

Opening hours: Tuesday – Friday- 4.00 pm-11.30 pm, Saturday – 4.00 pm-12.00 am

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Address: 1 Water Street, London, E14 5GX

Written by Paul Armstrong

Photography courtesy of The Lowback