High Point Drinks

Dry January might be coming to an end, but there are still some amazing low and no alcohol products taking the market by storm, assisting those who are considering mindful drinking beyond the month of January. Our current favourite is new kid on the block High Point Drinks, who are bringing the Cornish lifestyle to the masses with their delicious aperitif and digestif.

Launched in August last year, High Point Ruby Aperitif and High Point Amber Digestif expertly form cocktails that don’t compromise on flavour or a sense of occasion but leave you with a clear head the following morning and ready to focus on the day ahead. They are the world’s first premium non-alcoholic fermented aperitif and digestif and are free of artificial flavours or colours, embracing natural ingredients taken from the surrounding Cornish countryside.

High Point Ruby

High Point Ruby is a vibrant fermented aperitif and delicious served as a spritz with tonic and ice. This bittersweet citrus aperitif also works really well when paired with fine food.

Ingredients – Hibiscus, Lavender, Wormwood, Pink Peppercorn, Orange Zest & Pink Grapefruit Zest
Nose – A wild herbal aroma
Taste – A wave of zest and spice that rolls onto your palate with long-lasting bittersweet citrus flavours

High Point Amber

High Point Amber is a deeply smoky fermented digestif, which has been cold smoked and aged for one week after blending. Best enjoyed with ginger ale or neat over ice.

Ingredients – Lasag, Ginger, Clove, Vanilla, Cacao Nibs and Gentian Root
Nose – Freshly stoked embers and notes of toffee
Taste – The scent of freshly stoked embers rise up with notes of log-fired toffee before its signature mouthfeel is ignited, and smoke and spice start to gently warm the soul.

RRP: £19.99 for a 70cl bottle. ABV: 0% | Available to purchase from High Point Drinks and Amazon
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Written by Jordan Crowley

Photography courtesy of High Point drinks