The world’s first-ever immersive DC-themed dining experi-venture at The Monarch Theatre

If Tate Modern, Secret Cinema and Planet Hollywood had a baby, the result would be The Monarch Theatre, Park Row London. The world’s first-ever immersive DC-themed dining experi-venture at The Monarch Theatre, Park Row London in Soho. An elevated experience that will please the fans and enthral diners who are looking for something truly unique.

Park Row is huge. After entering Wayne Manor, you descend the stairs several levels to arrive in Gotham and Park Row. Walk forward to Pennyworths bar, and you’ll see the wickedly unique robotic Glenfiddich pour (you have been warned) before you see the +300-seats available. Don’t expect The Penguin, Harley Quinn, The Joker and Catwoman to greet or serve you; remember, this isn’t Planet Hollywood. Instead, look out for the multiple homages paid to the characters around Park Row. From the nod to batman in the label for the custom-made whiskey to the Joker busts, Park Row weaves the characters into the surroundings, drinks (make sure you try ‘The Blue Boy’ and get your camera ready…) and bespoke elements (levitating cocktail drop, anyone?).



Explore further, and you’ll find the Iceberg Lounge, a homage to Oswald Cobblepot, also known as The Penguin. Old Gotham City is nestled away at the back and serves villainous talk and late-night cocktails. Who knows? There may even be a Poison Ivy bar opening soon… Diners in the central area get to choose from a different menu from Monarch Theatre guests but do get superb live bands and singers that transport you to a different era.



Monarch Theatre is the jewel in the crowd of Park Row. A 20-person sensory, gastronomic experience that pushes what fine dining can, maybe should(?!), be. The eleven courses span three hours, and each gets introduced by your dedicated narrator explaining the food, drink and DC elements that envelope you. The floor-to-ceiling environment changes throughout your meal, and each gets carefully considered to enhance your enjoyment of the food you are tasting. The thought behind each plate is clear to the presentation, and the visuals all work together to create something that will stay with you. There are plenty of surprises along the way that we won’t spoil for you too much. Just submit and enjoy the hard work that’s been put in.

Created by a trio of the best in the business along with owners Wonderland Restaurants; Sysco Productions (AV specialists and story engineers), ISO Design (media designers) and, Fraser Randall (project management consultant), The Monarch Theatre, Park Row London has to be seen and felt to be believed. Run, don’t walk.

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Written by Paul Armstrong

Photography courtesy of The Monarch Theatre