Cocktail & Create masterclasses with BOMBAY SAPPHIRE

Visitors to two of the UK’s hottest staycation hotspots, London and Cornwall will be able to flex their creativity whilst watching the sun go down and sipping on a delectable cocktail all courtesy of BOMBAY SAPPHIRE. 

BOMBAY SAPPHIRE has partnered up with 2 premium hotels for Sunset Terrace Takeovers, running Cocktail & Create masterclasses combining art and mixology. Watch the sun slowly melt away into a red sky whilst talented local artists Joey You (London) and Elly Jahnz (Cornwall) guide you through how to capture the beauty of a sunset and translate this into a postcard size piece of art that is stamped, ready to post (or keep). 

While your creative juices are flowing, you will be served up two delicate and delicious cocktails containing the new special edition BOMBAY SAPPHIRE Sunset, softly spiced with Indian white cardamom, turmeric and Murcian sun-dried mandarin peel. The cocktails include:

BOMBAY SAPPHIRE Sunset & Tonic – Garnished with an orange wheel and star anise for added zest and warmth

BOMBAY SAPPHIRE Sunset Buck – Paired with ginger ale, fresh ginger, and a squeeze of lime

London Cocktails & Create Sunset Session with Joey Yu

Location: 12th Knot

Date: Wednesday 18th August

Price: £12.00, book your ticket here.

Cornwall Cocktails & Create Sunset Session with Elly Jahnz

Location: Polurrian on the Lizard

Date: Saturday 11th September

Price: £12.00, book your ticket here.

Written by Rick Hartley