The Mix-a-lot

What’s your post-lockdown persona? Find out with Bacardi

As the lifting of restrictions on our ability to socialise, mix and mingle is rolled out pretty much across the board (let’s see what 21st June brings us yet) our comfort zones around how we will return along with our music and food tastes vary widely.

A bunch of scientists and the people at Bacardi have not only boiled this down to three personality types, but they have also rounded up an extensive list of ways to get back into the swing of things for each persona.




Whether you are The Slay at HomesThe New Pragmatics or The Mix-a-lots, the Guide to Going Out (Again) will match your persona to an extensive list of bars, terraces, picnic delivery services and at-home cocktail kits. Just take Bacardi’s short quiz to find out what tribe you belong to, and get a list of the best options for you to get mingling again.

Take the Guide to Going Out (Again) test here

Written by Rick Hartley 

Persona’s illustrated by Michael Driver