Natak delights with their contemporary pan-Indian menu


any food establishments claim to serve up “re-invented” or “contemporary” versions of their respective country’s traditional cuisines. London’s Limehouse restaurant Natak, claims re-inventions of India’s most loved dishes. Not yet able to experience the restaurant’s ambience, which pays homage to India’s colourful culture and people, we dived straight into the food via the restaurant’s takeaway service and our anticipation was high. 

The menu has familiar characters in it’s menu cast, and when the food arrives, the quality is instantly apparent from the recyclable and seemingly earthy packing (no cheap plastic containers here) to the presentation of the food. 

Even in takeaway format, there was a sense of drama with our Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani fully encased in the dough which keeps the chicken deliciously moist. The Murg Makhanwala provides a deep orange, velvety accent to our plates, its buttery chicken was as delightful on the taste buds as it was on the eyes.

Other dishes which sit on the more autumnal side of the colour wheel include the Natak Paneer, a seemingly out of place Szechuan sauce popping with smoky and tender cubes of cheese. The signature Khasta kachoori chat comprises of flaky parcels filled with lentils and topped with chickpeas, yoghurt, tamarind and mint chutneys which is interrupted by little sweet explosions of pomegranate seeds.

Our green star of the show is the Gosht Saagwala, a flavour packed concerto of lamb, spinach, ginger, garlic and other spices. The best supporting actor prize is given to the silky, deep and creamy Dal bhukara.

Mopping our banquet up with naan and feeling sheepishly over indulged, we happily packed away half of the feast for a leftovers lunch. Indulgent feels like the right word for Natak’s refreshingly different and flavour packed dishes.

Watch this space for a full review of the restaurant, we can’t wait to see if the colourful food and flavours are matched in the ambience.

Natak is currently open for deliveries in an 8 mile radius around the restaurant.

As of 12th April you will be able to book a table in their outdoor terrace for lunch or dinner.

Written by Rick Hartley