Al fresco cocktails in the park? Yes you CAN


f there’s one thing last summer taught us, meeting friends in parks and gardens is a big win. With the first stage of lockdown easing in full swing, we can now join one friend for a much needed drink in the park and before we know it up to five. As a mixed drink enthusiast, I can’t wait to drag half of my drinks cabinet, some tonic, cola, probably lemons – always need lemons, the mint for the mojito, maybe a shaker. Did I miss anything?

Luckily there is an easier way to enjoy a G&T and other mixed drinks without all the fuss. Demand for pre-mixed drinks has grown exponentially over the past five years and is forecast to continue with the growing popularity of outdoor drinking. Bacardi and Bombay Sapphire’s ready to drink cocktail cans provide the very solution to savour a G&T, Rum & Coke or Mojito without wheeling a bar cart to your local park. Bring a couple of limes if you like, but leave the cocktail shakers at home.

The range of Bacardi cans contain absolutely no artificial flavours or colours and yes, they are equally good to drink at home. Pick some up from Sainsburys, Amazon and other major retailers at £1.80 for the BACARDI cans or £2.80 for Bombay Sapphire (RRP).